AICR is Automated Intelligent Contract Review, making use of state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques.

Upload a contract and receive a fully automated review against your company policy!

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Review refers to a critical evaluation, in this case of the contract language. Critical, because the contract under review contains future binding obligations to a party (pacta sunt servanda!).

The review assesses whether these obligations and connected risks are acceptable to that party, and whether additional obligations for the other party may need to be added.

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Review requires a set of standards to evaluate against. These standards may be found in a written company policy detailing what the company is willing to accept.

The policy may also contain clauses a company requires to be present in a contract.

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To review contracts against a policy, one must understand legalese, defined as 'the specialized language of the legal profession'.

A model trained on a large Dutch legal corpus is available to query.

This model 'knows' Dutch legal language and allows similarity queries looking for legal words with similar meaning.

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